Keeping You Safe

Workplace Fire Safety

All national and local governments have safety regulations for commercial and office structures and these include fire preventive measures as well as emergency response in the event of emergency situations like fires. Workplace fire safety measures are imposed upon all non-domestic structures to keep employees safe from a potentially life-threatening situation like a fire. Below are some of the standard workplace fire safety requirements that everyone must follow:

Fire Escape Plan

This is a requirement for all commercial and office structures before they are given a license to operate. Those who fail to submit this to the local fire department will not be allowed to start operation. A detailed fire escape plan is standard workplace fire safety measure. The plan must include all emergency exits in case of a fire and other such disasters. It is also a standard workplace fire safety requirement to have the fire exit plan posted on each floor so that employees can familiarize themselves with such exits.

Installation of Fire Extinguishers

It is also a workplace fire safety requirement to have more than one available fire extinguisher on each floor, depending on the size and the number of people who work on a specific floor or department. The number of fire extinguishers must be directly proportional to the scale of a possible fire that may arise from a particular floor in the building.

Facilities for Fire Prevention and Early Detection

All commercial and office buildings must have adequate facilities for fire prevention and detection, as required by the workplace fire safety code. Failure to install such facilities is a violation of the fire safety code. These facilities include; smoke detectors, fire alarms, manual fire alarms, sprinkles, and fire doors, among others. These facilities are necessary to ensure workplace fire safety in the event of a fire.

Proper Training and Orientation of Employees

As part of the workplace fire safety code, all offices are required to properly brief their employees about proper emergency response in the event of a fire. Handouts regarding fire exits, using fire extinguishers, and fire alarms must be given out as standard workplace fire safety protocol. It is also a workplace fire safety requirement to conduct fire drills every once in a while to familiarize employees about the proper steps to take in case of a fire emergency.

Identify Fire Hazards

It is also a necessary part of the workplace fire safety code to be able to properly identify potential hazards in the workplace that may include faulty alarm systems, blocked exits, trash, faulty exit lights, and faulty fire safety facilities. Upon identification of these hazards, the building officer must report it right away so that necessary steps may be taken to replace and repair any damages and hazards.

The workplace fire safety code is imposed on all office and commercial buildings and must be strictly followed. Those who fail to follow all workplace fire safety requirements will be penalized and may have to shut down office operations until they can abide by such workplace fire safety requirements.  Since fires are unexpected and can cause physical harm, property damage, and even death, the workplace fire safety code should not be ignored.

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